All Curwell double-glazed windows use a 100% lead free Liniar System Window.  This new system also achieves an ‘A’ Rating on the Window Energy Rating scale and when combined with our ‘A-Rated’ Glass it achieves an ‘A+6’ Rating.  Meaning all our windows are environmentally friendly, which will help reduce heating bills and lower CO2 emissions throughout their lifetime.

To help achieve our ‘A-Rating’, we incorporate the latest in glass coating available through the use of Planitherm Total +.SGG PlanithermPlanitherm: How it Works;

Planitherm Total+PLANITHERM TOTAL+ is a revolutionary high performance thermal insulating glass. Manufactured in the UK by Saint-Gobain Glass, PLANITHERM TOTAL+ incorporates the very latest advances in glass coating technology.  A combination of microscopically thin transparent metal oxide layers are applied under vacuum conditions to high-quality clear-float glass in the UK’s only magnetron coater.

The coated glass is later cut to size and incorporated into an insulating glass unit (IGU), usually forming the inner pane of the IGU which in turn is glazed into the window frame.  Once installed, the high performance coating within the IGU reflects heat from radiators or fires back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through the windows.  At the same time this coating allows free energy and light from the sun to pass through the glass, warming the room.  The combined effect contributes significantly to the energy efficiency of the windows, meaning that it takes less energy to maintain a warm comfortable home and can reduce the energy bills for the consumer by up to 28%.

PLANITHERM TOTAL+ boasts excellent thermal insulation.  The high performance coating will achieve an optimum centre pane U-value of 1.2W/m2K (measurement of heat loss), easily outperforming the requirements of new Building Regulations and helping to achieve the best possible energy efficiency all round.

Planitherm: The Benefits;

Optimised for Window Energy Ratings

PLANITHERM TOTAL+ delivers exceptional WER performance combining excellent thermal insulation with high passive solar energy gain, making it the most energy-efficient window glass available

· Reduces energy consumption
· Saves money on energy bills.
· Helps to reduce the carbon footprint

Free Solar Heat Gain

PLANITHERM TOTAL+ uses advanced coating technology to capture free energy from natural daylight to help heat the home

Optimal Energy Ratings

When PLANITHERM is combined with our WER band A window frame, we achieve a Window Energy Rating (WER) of A.  So windows glazed with PLANITHERM TOTAL+ easily achieve the minimum WER of band C required by Building Regulations.  When fitted with most frame types, the WER band of B and C can be achieved relatively easily.  

Superior Thermal Insulation

PLANITHERM TOTAL+ is a high performance thermally insulating glass that performs at least 25% better than most currently installed double glazing.

Thermal Insulation

The advanced coating reflects heat back into the room, meaning less energy is needed to heat the home to the desired temperature.
The improved thermal insulation not only reduces energy consumption and cuts energy bills but also:

· Ensures compliance with revised Building Regulations via the alternative maximum stated whole window U-value of 1.6 W/m2K.
· Improves comfort – better insulation means fewer cold spots and draughts near windows or doors.
· Reduces internal condensation – the inner surface of the glass stays warmer thereby reducing the likelihood of condensation.

Eliminate Condensation

PLANITHERM helps to virtually eliminate internal condensation and reduce draughts and cold spots in and around windows.

Superior Aesthetics

PLANITHERM TOTAL+ is neutral and boasts a high level of light transmission

Haze & Tint Free Windows

PLANITHERM maximises the amount of natural light into the home, without the haze or tint effects associated with some older double-glazed windows.

· Less of a tint to the glass – this gives clearer vision through windows and means curtains or Georgian Bars do not look dirty or discoloured. 
· More light – less tint also means more light can enter the room, making a more comfortable environment and reducing the need for extra lighting inside. 
· Less chance of ‘haze’ (dusty effect) – this effect is more common with traditional types of thermally insulating glass due to the way the glass is manufactured.

Safety and Security

The double-glazed window, door and conservatory system does so much more than keep you warm and improve your property.  It is fully engineered to meet the everyday occurrence of break-ins, severely limiting chances of successful intrusion over lesser-specified windows.  Every component is specified to be as secure as possible, from the innovative internal glazing system, making it virtually impossible to remove the glass from the outside, to the effective shootbolt locking.  With double-glazing from Curwell Windows you can be as secure as secure can be.

Our double-glazed windows are fitted with Hi Security MACO Secure Window System as standard, which has been designed and tested to withstand an attempt of forced entry into your property.  The keys points are:

Security Benefits

The Shootbolt (1) is a steel sliding bolt that comes out of both top and bottom corners of the opening edge of the window. This gives added security by locking on opposite sides of the mushroom bolts.

The Mushroom Cam (2) is a method of creating a high-compression locking seal that is virtually impossible to slide or break apart.

The Handle (3) is designed to provide a lightweight but positive action, fitted with a push-to-open button.

The Striker Plate (4) or keep is what the mushrooms and shootbolts locate into.

The combined shootbolt and mushroom striker plate (5) in the corners of the window are designed to provide high levels of security.

A major factor in preventive design in any double-glazed window system is the hinge.  No matter how substantial many appear to be, their design is just not up to the rigorous attention of a professional burglar.

The hinge is a benchmark for inherent strength, unfailing action, smooth operation and easy concealment.

Security Window HingeThose technical enough to know what a Newton is will know the meaning of the kind of power a crushing, ballistic force of 4,000 Newton represents.  This is the ultimate impact and leverage our system hinge is capable of sustaining.

BS7950 is this relative standard – a mighty tough one for any would-be intruder to exceed.  Immense resistance to jemmy makes the window virtually burglar-proof against any attempt to gain entry.  Its physical character is manufactured using fully tested high-security components.

· Real Resistance to Burglars
· Equates to BS7950
· Utilises Hinge Locking Technology
· Restrictor Available for Child and Personal Safety
· Tested to 40,000 cycles (100 years heavy usage)
· Gives Secure, Weathertight Seal
· BBA Assessed for Construction
· System Equates to BS7412 (NQA procedures)

For the highest levels of security, internal glazing is a must.  It is one of the most effective intruder deterrents, being virtually impregnable using normal forced methods.  Ingeniously, but quite simply, the beading which retains the glass in the frame is fitted to the inside, unlike some windows where is it fitted to the outside.

Internal Beading for SecurityBy fitting to the inside, the glass cannot be removed from the outside which leaves the would be burglar with the option either to smash the window and risk attracting attention or to walk away.

Also, to reinforce this, Curwell Windows have a generous 70mm profile adding greatly to the system’s overall strength and rigidity, bringing further integrity and security to any installation.

All our double-glazed windows come with a choice of colours, which include: White, Chrome/Silver, Gold and Black.

Handle Colours



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