Window Installation in Torquay

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Recently we have completed an exciting but also challenging installation in Torquay, Devon, where the property overlooks the bay and has amazing views.  The customer wished to upgrade their old ill efficient single glazed crittle windows with our ‘A-Rated’ Range, to help keep energy costs down as well as reduce maintenance.

Old Bay Window 1

The main challenge we faced was maximising the view whist incorporating a structural post built in the property.  The steel supporting post held up the corner of each bay in Lounge and Kitchen.  The main objective was to design a window which would wrap around the supporting pole and still provide as much visibility as possible without being too heavy with visible plastic.  We therefore incorporated the steel post with a frameless edge.  Thus the only view obstruction is the original post itself.

Old Bay Wndow 2

After many hour designing, we decided that we could achieve this goal by leaving out the window frame side next to the post.  In effect the post formed the side edge of our new frames.  This would create a minimal obstruction.  In doing this, we were able to use the poles as extra support at the ends and this allowed the glass to appear to flow up to the pole, which helps keep much of the view possible.


New External view 1

The customers are very happy with the work that was carried out and extremely happy with the minimal impact the new frames have had with the views.   In fact the view has now been improved upon the original design and construction.  We believe this is a one of a kind window and a first in the industry.

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