Conservatory Glass

Choosing the right glass for your conservatory can be tricky, as there is a wide range of options available.  The information below will help you understand the different types of glass we can offer.

We offer the complete range of glass, including the U-Value, Self-Cleaning & Solar Reflection.

The U-Value is a measure of the rate of heat loss through the glazing.  A principal reason for installing energy-efficient glass, the lower the U-Value, the better the glass is at retaining heat.

The self-cleaning coating is fully integrated into the surface of the glass ensuring its permanency.  In a process called ‘catalysis’ the coating uses UV rays from the sun to break down organic dirt and turns the surface hydrophilic.  Rain or hosepipe water then forms a sheet of water and rinses the dirt away.

The Solar Reflection is measured by the inverse of ‘light transmission’, the proportion of the visible light spectrum that is transmitted through the glass.  It is important to reduce the transmission of concentrated light, especially in the roof, to maximise visual comfort.

Conservatory Roofs

Optimum Green

This top-of-the-line roof glass has the outstanding ability to reflect the majority (78%) of the sun’s heat away from the conservatory, also offers enhanced glare reduction as well as all of the additional high performance functions as standard, together with an attractive aqua-green tint.

Optimum Neutral

Optimum Neutral offers minimum tint and a neutral appearance, coupled with the technology to reflect 71% of the sun’s heat away from the conservatory.

As with Optimum Green, Optimum Neutral maximises thermal insulation in the winter, eliminates glare from the sun, offers permanent self-cleaning capability and virtually eliminates condensation.

Optimum Blue

Optimum Blue has a subtle blue tint and the capability to reflect 68% of the sun’s heat away from the conservatory.

Optimum Blue offers the highest available performance in roof glasses and flexibility in both aesthetics and performance.


Conservatory Glass Figures 



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