Solar Tunnel

Here at Curwell Windows we are proud to introduce Solar Tunnel into your home.

Solar Tunnel pipes sunlight into your home

A naturally-lit room is cheerful and welcoming.  Yet many homes suffer from a lack of natural light, either by design or evolution.  The Solar Tunnel Series of Daylighting Systems offers you a solution: a versatile, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly lighting solution that pipes solar light from the sky via super-reflective tubes into the room below – simple but brilliant!

How does a Solar Tunnel Daylighting System work?

Solar Tunnel Light ZonesSolar Tunnel Daylighting Systems CAPTURE daylight from your rooftop, TRANSFER it down a highly reflective tube, then DELIVER it into the room below.  Patented technologies ensure that the maximum light possible is transferred into your home.  We are so confident that no other tubular daylighting device will give you more light all day long, all year long,

In the CAPTURE Zone

1 – Patented Raybender® 3000 Dome
A patented Fresnel lens redirects additional daylight down into the tube – low-angle light that would otherwise have passed straight through the dome and been lost.
2 – Patented LightTracker™ reflector
This unique reflector is inserted into the dome, dramatically increasing the amount of light entering the tube by reflecting low-angle morning, evening, and winter light into the tube.

In the TRANSFER Zone

3 – Spectralight® Infinity reflective tubing
Rigid, super-reflective tubing that transfers the light that has entered via the dome to the room below.  Solar Tunnel Daylighting Systems use Spectralight Infinity tube material – at 99.7% reflective, it is the most reflective material used in any tubular daylighting device and is exclusive to Solar Tunnel Daylighting Systems.  The higher the reflective value of the tube material, the more daylight will reach the room.

In the DELIVERY Zone

4 – Ceiling diffuser
Diffusers are necessary to distribute the daylight evenly throughout the room below.  Solar Tunnel diffusers are of quality and robust construction, yet maintain a sleek and contemporary appearance, fitting neatly to the ceiling with no visible fasteners.  All are double-glazed to prevent heat loss or gain, and almost all UV transmission is blocked so your soft furnishings will not fade.


Product Range

Solar Tunnel Daylighting Systems

The Solar Tunnel Brighten Up® Series is ideal for use in the home.  The series consists of two sizes: the Solar Tunnel 160 DS (250mm diameter system) and the Solar Tunnel 290 DS(350mm diameter system).  Both are compact enough to fit between standard UK joists and rafters, yet provide amazing levels of light.  Our range of roof flashings, ceiling diffusers and accessories means Solar Tunnel Daylighting Systems can be customized to suit your individual installation.

Solar Tunnel Series

Solar Tunnel 160 DS Daylighting System

The Solar Tunnel 160 DS is ideal for smaller areas of your home such as bathrooms, dressing rooms, hallways and landings – indeed any area up to 13 square metres in size.  Optional Solar Tunnel accessories for this system include our innovative bathroom ventilation system, electric light-kit and daylight dimmer system.

Solar Tunnel 290 DS Daylighting System

The Solar Tunnel 290 DS delivers around twice the light output of the Solar Tunnel 160 DS and is ideal for larger living areas such as kitchens and living rooms.  Optional Solar Tunnel accessories for this system include electric light-kit and daylight dimmer system.

To give you an idea of light output from a Solar Tunnel Daylighting System as compared to an electric light bulb:

A Solar Tunnel 160 DS will provide an average equivalent light as follows:
Spring – 75 Watt
Summer – 150 Watt
Autumn – 75 Watt
Winter – 60 Watt

A Solar Tunnel 290 DS will provide an average equivalent light as follows:
Spring – 100 Watt
Summer – 200 Watt
Autumn – 100 Watt
Winter – 75 Watt

Solar Tunnel Hallway - Before and After.

Both the above shots were taken with the same shutter speed of 1/40 sec, F4.8, ISO 640 without flash.

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