Roof Dome

Solar Tunnel DomeSolar Tunnel domes are made from virtually unbreakable, impact-resistant polycarbonate, they are fire-rated to comply with UK Building Regulations, and they incorporate UV screening.  The curved shape of the roof dome ensures that the surface is cleansed by the elements and therefore is completely maintenance-free.

The Raybender® 3000 Fresnel lens in the dome and the LightTracker™ reflector ensure that the most daylight possible is captured by the dome.  Solar Tunnel roof domes comply with all UK building regulations and are even approved for use in hurricane and cyclone zones.




Roof Flashings

All Solar Tunnel Systems are fitted with the correct roof flashing for your property.  Our roof flashing range covers virtually all UK pitched and flat roof types and they are designed to ensure a weather-proof and maintenance-free installation.  No environmentally-unfriendly lead is used when fitting the flashings.

Roof Flashings



Ceiling Diffuser

A ceiling diffuser is necessary to distribute the transferred daylight to the room below.  Solar Tunnel diffusers are of quality and robust construction, yet maintain a sleek and contemporary appearance, fitting neatly to the ceiling with no visible fasteners.

Solatube® diffusers incorporate prismatic or Fresnel lens technology to ensure uniform light distribution.  All are double-glazed to prevent heat gain or loss so heated or cooled air is not lost from the room, and, together with the UV inhibitors in the dome, they block almost all UV – so no faded carpets or soft furnishings.  Below are the two diffusers that we offer.

The Vusion diffuser is the standard diffuser, whichs comes with every Solar Tunnel 160 DS or 290DS we install.  It delivers outstanding natural light through a discreet prismatic lens.

Solar Tunnel Vusion Diffuser

Another additional option is the OptiView diffuser, which provides a stunning architectural look and delivers crystal clear daylight.


Solar Tunnel OptiView Diffuser


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