Solar Tunnel or Traditional Skylights?

A Solar Tunnel Daylighting System or a traditional option?

Solar Tunnel Daylighting Systems have some key advantages over traditional windows and skylights.  While these traditional methods of introducing light certainly have their place, Solar Tunnel Daylighting Systems can offer adaptable location options, lower purchase and installation costs, and superior lighting performance .


The compact and versatile design of Solar Tunnel Daylighting Systems allows them to be installed in just about any room, including those where a traditional skylight or window would not be an option such as rooms without direct roof or external wall access.

Light output

Solar Tunnel Daylighting Systems provide exceptional levels of lighting.  The light output is often much greater than you would expect from a larger traditional skylight or window.

No harmful UV

Soft furnishings and carpets do not fade under a Solar Tunnel Daylighting System because over 99.9% of UV is filtered out by the roof dome and the ceiling diffuser, so no harsh shaft of light to fade your carpets and soft furnishings – just beautiful, evenly spread, natural light.

Heat loss/gain

Solar Tunnel Daylighting Systems eliminate virtually all heat loss or gain owing to its triple-glazed design (roof dome plus double-glazed diffuser), so room temperatures are maintained, thereby saving on heating and air conditioning costs.


The installed cost of a Solar Tunnel Daylighting System can be considerably less than other daylighting options, such as windows and skylights.


Unlike traditional skylights or windows, installing a Solar Tunnel Daylighting System is fast, clean and easy as no structural modifications or redecorating should be required.  A professional can install the product in a few hours and most DIY installations can be completed easily within a day.


Solar Tunnel Daylighting Systems can be multi-functional with fully integrated options such as an electric light for night-time lighting, a bathroom ventilation system, and a daylight dimmer to block out the light in bedrooms.  This means you can have a neat two-in-one or three-in-one system from a single ceiling fixture.

Leak proof

The roof design of Solar Tunnel Daylighting Systems allows water and debris to flow past the dome unobstructed, and the entire system is sealed to lock out any moisture.

Solar Tunnel Daylighting Systems are maintenance-free.  The design and shape of the roof dome means that debris does not build up and rain will clean away any dirt from the dome’s surface.

Environmentally friendly

Solar Tunnel Daylighting Systems allow you to switch off electric lights during the day, providing savings on energy bills and also reducing your carbon footprint.

It’s good for you!

It has been shown in several prominent studies that increasing daily exposure to natural light can enhance mental and physical well-being, and boost concentration and energy levels.

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