At Curwell we have a vast range of styles and glazing options available, which will help make it easy for you to design both front and back doors that will enhance the appearance of your home and give it a personal identity.

Our doors can be configured in many ways, whether opening inwards or outwards, hung on the left or right and even with a low aluminium threshold for special requirements.

All our double glazed doors are built with security in mind and use the highest standard multi-point systems, comprising two hookbolts, deadbolt, roller cams and anti-lift pins as standard.

Double Glazed Door with Deadbolt and Hookbolt Locking

You can also choose matching top lights and side screens, whether you are replacing an existing door or creating a porch for your home.

French Doors

With a French door you can give your home that continental feel, from a wide range of styles and colour options.  They can be used to offer easier access to your garden or as an inviting partition leading into a conservatory or extension.

French doors are designed to allow more natural light into your home, with full-height glass from top to bottom, which will make your room feel brighter and more spacious.

uPVC French Doors

If you have an opening that is too wide for a more conventional door and too small for a patio door then French doors could be the perfect answer.

French doors can be fitted with matching handles to both doors and will also include the same high security features that all our doors offer, including the same multi-point locks and additional shoot-bolts on the slave door.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are the perfect choice when you have an opening too large for French doors, as they can offer you full natural light while being able to provide a room-with-a-view feel.


uPVC Sliding Patio Doors 

They are ideally used in rooms with spectacular views (or where you may be restricted in size or space) with the door sliding horizontally.

A Curwell patio door will slide smoothly on stainless steel rollers and aluminium inter-locks will provide high security and weather protection.  Optional trickle vents are available in rooms that require further ventilation.

Stable Doors

We also offer UPVC and Composite Stable Doors.  Each provides independent operation of the two halves and both are fitted with high security locking systems.  The top half is operated by the handle, and incorporates a hook, a roller, latch and deadbolt, whilst the bottom half contains a hook and deadbolt that is operated by using a key in the bottom lock.  Together these provide a high security door that combines traditional appearances with the modern benefits a UPVC or Composite Door can bring.

uPVC Stable Doors

All our stable doors can switch between two modes of operation, one where the two halves operate independent from one another, and the other where the two halves are locked together and open and close as one door.  This provides tremendous versatility as the bottom can be locked shut to keep children and pets secure whilst the upper half can be left open to provide ventilation


When it come to door security our doors are constructed to the highest standard, using a multi-point system of a deadbolt, two hookbolts and anti-lift pins and two roller cams.  This, coupled with powerful hinges and internal glazing, combines to make one of the most comprehensively designed door systems available to date.

  • All locking keeps are protected by laminated plates to prevent the locks from being jemmed.
  • Anti-lift pins prevent hookbolts from being prised down and disengaged.
  • Deadbolt includes hardened steel reinforcement resisting hacksaw attack.
  • All locking keeps screwed into steel reinforcement.


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