At Curwell Windows we use only ‘A-Rated’ Glass as standard in our windows, doors & conservatories.  Using ‘A-Rated’ offers a number of common benefits:

· Reduced Heat loss to save energy and help maintain a comfortable environment

· Reduced cold spots and downdraughts near windows, improving comfort and usable space

· Increased inner glass surface temperatures, reducing internal condensation

· Reduced capital and running costs of heating systems

The new generation of coatings which are applied are remarkably neutral in both transmission and reflection as opposed to traditional hard coated low-E (low iron) products which typically have a yellow/brown tint.  They also offer a high level of light transmittance, maximizing the entry of natural daylight into the building.

All our glass is available in a range of patterns as detailed below and can be either laminated or toughened.

Obscure Glass Options

For privacy, pure style or to allow more light into internal rooms, decorative glass gives you a whole range of attractive options.  In fact, Pilkington gives you a choice of no fewer than 18 different textured glass designs, together with our premium range of etched glass – from classic to contemporary, no one offers a bigger choice.

· The advantages of Pilkington decorative glass are easy to see too, as it allows maximum light while maintaining privacy or obscuring unattractive views and also forms an attractive decorative feature itself.

· Here you’ll find all our designs, reproduced to actual size so you can get a clear idea of how they’ll look in your windows, with our clock images helping to show the different obscuration level of each pattern.

· The range has been divided into three sections, making it easier to find exactly what you want: the standard range, premium Oriel etched glass range and replacement range (older patterns that are still available).

· With new texture designs regularly added to offer even more possibilities, there really is no better choice of decorative glass for your home.

· Available toughened or laminated for safety and security.

Decorative Glass

With decorative glass colour and art, we are able to create hand-crafted masterpieces from colour with lead to coloured designs depicting country scenes, trains, flowers finished with lead tracery.  Below are some examples of a few coloured glass and art.

Bevelled Glass Options

Below are some more examples of Brilliant Cut Glass, in Diamonds, Rectangles and Borders, which will help make your glass more elegant.

Brillant Cut Glass Options

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