An ‘A Rated’ Conservatory in Teignmouth

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A new customer in Teignmouth had a Mahogany framed Conservatory with a polycarbonate roof structure. The Customer decided that they wanted a more usable room which was cooler in the Summer and Warmer in the Winter with reduced acoustics from the weather hitting the Polycarbonate roof. 

Old Wooden Conservatory 

 In order to satisfy the Customers requirements we suggested that our ‘A Rated’ Conservatory would provide them with a usable all year round space which would keep it cooler in the Summer months and warmer in the Winter months whilst dramatically reducing acoustic noise with our ‘A Rated’ self cleaning roof glass. We discussed with the customer that the creation of a roof dormer would allow our new roof to sit sympathetically with the existing property without looking like a built on extension as per the existing one.

The new roof dormer was created to match the pitch of the new conservatory roof and was constructed from locally supplied timber, roofing felt and lead for the creation of the valleys whilst being able to reuse the existing roof tiles. This new roof dormer allowed our A Rated roof to be joined together to create a single ridgeline from the existing property through to the new Conservatory. This would now allow the Conservatory to appear as one with the existing structure.  An added bonus of the new structure created a void for storage and integrated mood lighting to the room.

New A Rated Conservatory


The Customers are extremely happy with the work that had been carried out and are amazed at the difference the A Rated glass has made to both the temperature and the noise. The choice of Rosewood on White frames and roof proved to be sympathetic to the existing Rosewood Windows whilst the White interior has created a light and airy space.

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