A Greener Plan for Teignmouth’s Window Installer

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Here at Curwell Windows we are always looking for better ways in which we can start recycling more and more of our rubbish.

It hasn’t been easy finding companies that are willing to help out and try to minimise the impact we all have on land fill sites, so we are pleased to announce that we have found a local company called Devon Contract Waste, who are pushing forward for more recycling to be done and have advised they are working with the council in being able to sort more waste at their Exeter Centre.

Devon Contract Waste & Curwell Windows

Above you can see that we have now moved from a large 16 Cubic Foot all waste skip, to a smaller 8 Cubic Foot which we now mainly use for uPVC plastic frames, glass and large general waste. We also have two 1100 litre bins, which are used for mixed recycling i.e cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, aluminium cans and also light general waste i.e. silicone tubes, plastic tape, household rubbish and polystyrene. It is hoped that over the coming year we will be able to continue to recycle even more.

All wooden windows and doors are broken up and left to one side, so any customers or passers by can collect them and put to good use, whether it be for wood burners, allotments or any on-going projects.

If you would like to know more about the services that Devon Contract Waste offer then feel free to give them a call on 01392 361300 or visit their website.

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